About DoubleYou 2010-2020

The brand

Founded in 2010 by Norwegian Cathrine Røsseland, DoubleYou is an independent design brand that aims to create exclusive artisanal products and stimulate artistic expressions that explore, express, and celebrate our senses. In 2020 we and are moving on to new adventures. Stay tuned... Only by applying the methods of a true artisan, we can fully enjoy nature’s resources. DoubleYou follows a conscientious and respectful production process, based on pure, natural ingredients, as we believe this is the only way to be true to our self and nature’s resources. This method requires more time and commitment when compared to an easy, cost-reducing...
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The project

Exploring the varied constitution of an identity we have created two scents that capture the sensations of two distant worlds, from the dramatic rugged mountain tops and glacial landscapes of western Norway to the spice-and flower infused scents of the island Zanzibar.
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The future

The future for DoubleYou will hold new collaborations with designers, artists, artisans and organizations to celebrate each of the 5 human senses in different and unique ways, be it through a textile, a magazine, an accessory line, an art installation or a piece of music.
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